The Center of Comprehensive Medicine was founded by Dr. Jim-David Gaglione, a board certified family physician, who has practice medicine in the Hampton Roads area for over 20 years. He received medical training at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine and completed his residency at Eastern Virginia Medical School’s Portsmouth Family Medicine. There he became the chief resident and eventually became an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine at EVMS where he taught residents and students and collaborated with colleagues within other medical disciplines.

Family Focused

Dr. Gaglione has been affiliated with a number of highly regarded medical practices throughout the Hampton Roads area. The training he received at EVMS in a community based residency program reinforced his decision to go into the medical field because he feels that being a physician means being a family doctor – someone who will see and treat a wide spectrum of health issues over the entire age range and focus on disease prevention and health promotion.

Dr. Gaglione is passionate about The Center for Comprehensive Medicine and helping his patients live healthier, fuller lives.


What Makes Dr. Gaglione Different?

  • Takes time with his patients
  • Listens to them
  • Establishes a relationship
  • Helps keep his patients healthy